Best Backpacking Hostels In Udaipur

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Unlike other upcoming backpacking destinations in India, Udaipur has a ton of hostels. In fact, there are 24 listed best hostels in Udaipur on HostelWorld. Having said, these selected hostels are of really good hostels in Udaipur but you’ll want to book in advance to avoid no availability and high price during peak and holiday season. Check out the selected few best backpacking hostels in the lake city of Udaipur

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Average Price For A Bed: Hostels in Udaipur are generally well priced.

Most dorms in the hostels, regardless of quality, will start around Rs 700/night with 1-month advance reservation. You might be able to find some around 400/night but those are tough to snag.

Check HostelWorld to get exact prices for your dates.


This list of Udaipur’s best hostels is based on overall quality, location, price, and guests’ reviews. We do encourage you to check out HostelWorld to search through all of Udaipur’s hostel options.

Gohills Bed & Breakfast

Gohills Orchid hostel

Hotel Panda International


Udaipur Travel FAQs & Expert Local Answers2018-01-04T20:10:35+06:00

How many days for Udaipur? What about Budget?

If you have these burning or not so burning questions popping in your mind while planning your trip to royal city Udaipur, welcome to our exclusive FAQs section. We have added and regularly updating the most important questions & their relevant answers from the local & expert traveler who is staying or been to Udaipur like you. You just need to click the + button to know the answer to the questions only relevant to you!

I would say 4 days. 2 days to explore the city on foot, which is easily doable. And two more for Chittorgarh, Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh. Another day if you want to cover Eklingji, Shrinathji, and Haldighati ( not much to do here). But DO NOT MISS the forts. They are insane.

As far as possible, stay near the lake & spend time at the small ghats. Also, don’t miss the sunset at Monsoon Palace. If you can, cycle up to the hilltop for ultimate experince.

Chittor,Kumbhalgarh & Ranakpur.Kumbhalgarh is approx 105km and Ranakpur is approx 95km from Udaipur. I would suggest, first go to Kumbhalgarh and then go to Ranakpur as Ranakpur is near from Kumbhalgarh.

City Palace, Jag Mandir, Lake Pichola, Monsoon Palace, Vintage and Classic car museum(if you are interested in cars), boat ride to Jag Mandir island.

Monsoon palace during sunset is the best thing you can do in Udaipur and the 2nd best is dinner at Upre rooftop with spectacular views of the city palace (Don’t miss out)


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