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I noticed something very strange when I was researching for my first family trip to South India. I saw that most popular India travel sites offered very little well-researched content — most information was just fluff & commercial contents. I spent countless hours wading through hundreds of websites, but I never found one site that gave me all the information I wanted.

Then I went on my first trip to Rameswaram & Kanyakumari by doing bit of homework.

As a solo traveler, I got a lot of opportunities to talk to many other traveler. I picked up a lot of helpful information from the experienced backpackers,traveler and I learned a lot of things that the most of the guidebooks or websites or blog never talk about. After a few months of travel, I noticed that many of the inbound & domestic traveler to India were struggling with the same issues I faced when was just starting out.

When I returned home I was often asked for best travel advice by my friends & relatives and I got the idea to create a high-quality site about the best travel in India & not getting rip off by websites — a site that I would eventually want to actually use. My vision was to build a site that was well-designed, organized, user-friendly and had tons great information. This is how India Travelcafe was born. I hope you find it useful too.

Namaste– through India TravelCafe, I want you to travel & experience the best of India. You can bank on me & my team & partners for any question or clarification you are looking out for! We are here to make your journey in India – a lifelong experience

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Our local travel specialists are at the heart of  India travelCafe. They have all traveled extensively and documented it perfectly so you can enjoy your adventures & make good memories.

Nilabh Ranjan

Chief Traveller & Founder

Captain of the India Travecafe & all out to help you to make your next travel experience better, cheaper & informative


Supriti Shiwam

Assitant Chief Traveller, C0-Editor

Exploring each wonder of the world is her ultimate travel goal. Supriti recently experienced open sea snorkeling in Bali’s island.

Bhutan Trip, Chu River Asia, Asia Travel Thimphu, Paro

Kaveri Bharali

North East India Expert & Content Writer

Going East, West & North Of India is what Kaveri does whenever she wants to take a break! Recently, explored Bhutan in the winters.

Piyush Tripathi

Piyush Tripathi

Backpacker Expert & Content Writer

Piyush believes in YOLO: You’ve One Life, Just One.Always restless and ready to hit the road as in when he gets bored with mundane life!


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